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Advanced Therapy with Advanced Results

Stem cell injections work with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms,
stem cell therapy actually promotes repair of the body, restoring degenerated tissue.

A Breakthrough in Pain Relief!

Stem Cell Therapy works with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms, Regenerative Cell Therapy actually promotes repair of the body, restoring degenerated tissue. Regenerative Cell Therapy also contains hyaluronan, which eases pain and restores mobility by lubricating joints and tendons. This therapy fits well with Regenerative Medicine Plus’s integrated approach to wellness, addressing the source of issues, rather than just treating the symptoms.

What is Regenerative Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is one of the newest and most cutting-edge therapies for chronic joint pain. Using this therapy, our healers offer patients 3 essential properties for healing and restoring joint health: A high concentration of regenerative cells, hyaluronic acid for joint lubrication, and cellular growth factors essential for building new joint tissue.

What Happens During Cord Tissue Cell Therapy?

Most often cord tissue is donated or set aside as medical waste after a child is born and doctors use that tissue to isolate regenerative cells for use in Cord Tissue Cell Therapy treatments. These donations are made with the permission of the parents and under careful ethical restrictions. The process is safe for all parties involved and poses no risk of pain or damage to the mother and child. Cord tissue donations are meticulously audited for healthy, high-quality regenerative cells to be used for Cord Tissue Cell Therapy. Depending on your treatment needs, your Cord Tissue Cell Therapy maybe administered via IV infusion or localized injection at the site of your affected area. The application of Cord Tissue Cell Therapy will vary patient to patient after you doctor has had time to assess your needs and decide on the most effective therapy to provide positive results.

Is Cord Tissue Cell Therapy Safe?

Harvested cord tissue cells used for this procedure have a low possibility of malignant transformation and adverse immune response, making Cord Tissue Cell Therapy a safe option for patients. These cells are unlikely to be rejected by your immune system and careful, sterile laboratory processes eliminate the potential for contamination or infection. Cord Tissue Cell Therapy resists against any production of antibodies or T-cell responses ensuring protection against any adverse reactions to the procedure.

Will I Get Results?

On average, many patients experience full healing as soon as four to six weeks from the treatment. There is no need for time off of work for a lengthy recovery period like with invasive surgery, and many patients return to work on the same day of their procedure. Your doctor will work with you to get you back to your normal physical activity routine within a week to make sure your body has the maximum opportunity to heal correctly. As with any medical treatment, each patients’ response will vary so discussing options for your specific needs is key.

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